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Can I convert my existing gas grill to natural gas?

This depends on the grill manufacturer. Some will allow us to make the conversion but some won't. Please call for more information.

Is my gas meter large enough for my generator or pool heater?

This depends on the type of gas meter installed. Please call for more information.

Can I add a gas log set to my existing masonry fireplace?

Yes. We would need additional information about your existing fireplace to give an accurate quote, but this is can be done.

Can I convert my LP furnace and water heater, dryer and/or stove to natural gas?

Yes. Typically the appliances include the conversion kits from LP to natural gas. If you don't have the parts, we can order and install them for safe use with natural gas.

Do I have to dig my own trench for you to install the gas line?

No. We have specialized equipment to dig the trench and prefer we do this to comply with specific depth, tracer wires, signaling tape, etc.

Can you detect gas leaks?

Yes, we have specialized equipment to test for gas leaks.

Are plumbers licensed to install gas pipe?

No, plumbers are not licensed to install gas pipe in the state of Michigan.