Are you considering adding an outdoor fire pit?


If you're considering adding an outdoor fire pit to your yard, your landscaper will likely be
involved with the installation and the purchase of the actual build-out of the firepit. However, once the pit is installed, our team will trench the piping out to it from your home.

If you have purchased and installed a fire table, we can come and do the hook up for you, or we may have to trench a gas line if there is an existing hardscape around it.

If you would like to add a fire pit to your patio, our team can come in and install the line from
your house or pool heater (or whatever the closest other gas line is) with the correct BTU's. Fire features use a lot of gas, so we need to ensure we have enough BTU's (a measurement of heat).


We have a gas line that was run to our garage. Can we use that for our fire feature, gas grill, pool heater?
Probably not. We need to ensure that there are enough BTU’s to run these features, which use a high level of gas.

I have a gas grill on my deck. Can we run that to my fire feature?
We can, but it will not give as much of a flame due to low BTU’s.

I purchased a fire table. Can I add that to my deck?
Yes, however, we will first need to verify that you have a sufficient gas line. If needed, we can run a gas line straight from the table through and under the deck.
This also depends on the type of fire table. Some use a refillable propane tank under the table, whereas our gas line solutions are more permanent.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about running a gas line to your outdoor fire feature. Give us a call for an estimate today!

Chris ran a gas line for a new fire pit. Excellent work, professional and was done in a couple hours. Would highly recommend him and use him again."

Andrew K