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Do you need help from an expert in gas line installation? West Michigan Gas Piping has you covered. We offer gas piping services in Hudsonville, MI and the surrounding Areas. Our gas line installation extends to both indoor and outdoor appliances.

You can count on us to install an outdoor gas line for underground piping, remote pool heaters, gas fire pits, outdoor kitchens and gas grills. Or you can call us to install an indoor gas line for stoves, dryers and gas line fireplaces. We also provide gas appliance repair services to get your devices up and running.

We're licensed to perform gas line work, oftentimes plumbers and handymen are not. We know that you'll appreciate the scope of our services. Contact us at 616-915-3907 to schedule our gas piping services today.

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Go with us for your gas line installation needs because:

1. We hold over a decade of experience

2. We're one of the few gas line specialists in the area

3. We install piping in a safe and efficient manner

You can find contractors in the area that offer gas line installations, but very few of them are specialists. We focus on gas piping, which allows us to boost the quality of our installation services.

Trust the experts with your gas line installation

The idea of installing your own gas line could be tempting, but we highly recommend calling a licensed gas line mechanic. You'll be glad you did because:

It could be dangerous
It could damage your appliances
It could be difficult to repair later

Let us take care of your gas line installations Hudsonville, MI. Call now to get a free estimate on our services.